Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Well I Guess We Do Persimmon

Ellie doesn't put food in her mouth. At the beginning of November she would hit the spoon, spit, sputter, and fight when we could get her to even sit in her highchair. We have consistently offered her apricot puree (her favorite safe food) over the last week or so, and she has come to want it and even ask to sit in her chair for dinner. Great progress!

Today while Nana was visiting, Elianna watched us snacking on dried persimmon slices and proceeded to do the 'uh-uh-uh-I want that' noise. Oh why not. We haven't had a reaction in quite some time. I gave her some and she licked it! Then licked it again! And into her mouth it went. She actually CHEWED on a piece for quite some time, which was a major first. How exciting! I was not planning on trialling persimmon, but oh well! At this point I will take what I can get. Persimmon is a highly nutritious fruit, and has only one other family member - the date plum. So I thought our chances would be good! But no luck. She failed.

Two hours after she woke up from her nap crying. She spent the next couple of hours occasionally crunched over in tummy pain, with red rimmed eyes, and her lethargic 'I don't feel good' personality. She woke with the noticeable bad reaction breath. Some time around 3 hours she transitioned into gurgling loud stomach and the occasional hiccups. She began chewing, and often gnawing, on everything. Esophagus pain. And then about five hours later she ended with a bloody poo. Darn. No persimmons. She will be at least 34 months old (almost 3) before she will be able to try them again.

On the positive side, the reaction was a minor one. There was no violent expelling of food, or signs of shock. The blood was minimal, as was the mucous, and the cramping seemed to stop after a few hours. That means she will heal quicker than a severe reaction. It means that I most likely wont be up all night rocking her because laying down rolls stomach acid into her throat which burns. And it also means I am more hopeful that she will not take it as license to stop eating again, going back to associating food with pain. Guess we will see tomorrow when we offer her the apricot puree.


  1. It's a really good sign that she was chewing on a food....guess you could call it a failed persimmon trial but a successful chewing trial! I'm so glad that it seemed to be less severe this time!

  2. There must be something eye appealing about Persimmon- this was about the same scenerio we had a few months ago...and the same reaction...I was bummed- so hopeful that he chose to pick it up and put it in his mouth...
    Hope she is feeling better and still trusting food!


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