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This blog started in an effort to keep family and friends updated on Ellie's progress and health.  It has since progressed to a log of our journey towards Ellie's healing using GAPS.  At many points in our journey I did things wrong.  At no time should the information presented be used as a guideline for healing, both before GAPS and after.

If you are interested in the GAPS healing protocols, please start by purchasing the book which is a 'must'.  You can find a certified GAPS practitioner by visiting  You can also get connected with others on the journey at GAPS Kids.

Please respect that all content may not be republicated or redistributed without consent.

And most importantly, I welcome love emails, but please seek a qualified healthcare professional for advice.


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  1. Did you ever try using craniosacral therapy to help initiate the parasympathetic response (relaxation) in the gut? I saw you used it for some structural issues but wondering if it could help FPIES. Thanks,


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