Monday, January 28, 2013

FPIES No Longer

February is a significant month for our family.  

February of 2011 we started Ellie on GAPS. 

February of 2012 I wrote a celebratory GAPS-iversary post.  It was emotional remembering her first year on GAPS.  How could it not be? GAPS saved her life.  

February 2013 has arrived, and with it her 2 year 
GAPS-iversary. TWO years!  

The first year was intense, focused on letting go of FPIES hang-ups.  Themes involved moving beyond fear, adjusting to our new normal, and learning to see food as medicine.  

This year as I reflect I notice something quite in contrast from the first year. 

I notice that we no longer live with FPIES.  

Yes, Ellie still has healing to do.  We are still working on that leaky gut and detox system. But she is not chronically ill. 

Ellie has not had an FPIES reaction in over a year.  I can only think of one since starting GAPS.  And the farther away we are, the more it seems like a really, really bad dream. Explaining the bubble that we used to live in sometimes even seems surreal. Healing! Ah, glorious and most gracious healing.  

We no longer must sweep the floor religiously.
We no longer ask others to wash their hands before touching her.
We no longer panic over cross-contamination in our home kitchen.  
We no longer take pictures of poop for doctor's records.
We no longer make regular trips to the doctor's office for oxygen level checks.
We no longer fear for the vomit or pain or crying that comes after trying a new food.

Year two brought healing in small leaps for Ellie. And she is eating.  Once she starts chewing she should progress wonderfully.  She has special needs.  Many are the result of FPIES.  All I am hopeful she will conquer with time.  And if she doesn't?  Well, that makes her normal.  Every child is an individual that needs to be challenged, grown, and nurtured in their own unique way. 

As I reflect on year two I notice something very different about our family.  We are no longer simply trying to survive from one vitamixed bottle to the next.  Instead we are learning to live again. We needed some time to regroup as a family.  We needed to rework just about everything from our food budget to our family goals.  This year we will no longer be surviving our new normal. This year we will be living it. Stay tuned!

Join me in celebration of Ellie's healing.  And pass hope on. 

GAPS heals autoimmune disease.  Period. It is not a band aid. It is not a fluke. It is not a trendy diet or a prescription for a select few. It is scientifically backed, time tested, and designed for even the most difficult autoimmune disease. And in the face of fear, it provides hope. (*)

There is always hope. 

Romans 8:22-25


  1. Simply amazed and yet again in awe of our Savior who has healed your precious girl. Thank you, Lord, for a mama who is bold and brave in obeying you and the life-saving healing You are bestowing on Ellie and her whole family. Amen!

  2. congrats!!!!!!
    from one mama who has done gaps to another!

  3. Beautiful Nichole. Just beautiful. Hope to stay in touch.

  4. I am proud of all my daughter has gone through and done (with God) to make Ellie thrive. And thrive she does! Her Papa loves her deep belly laughs and the joy she takes at simple fun things. God has kept her strong mentally and spiritually. Does she have things to deal with and work on? In that she is no different than the rest of us - no matter the age! We are also proud of Ellie's daddy, Jason. He LOVES his family and stretches so much for them. What more could a mom ask for her kids and grandkids than to be able to say they are loved? This year will bring huge milestones!

  5. I am so happy for your success as a family as you work to make Ellie whole. I know you have worked so hard at keeping your daughter apart of your family here on earth. Families can be perpetuated beyond the grave. May your family be tied together for eternity through the sealing power of God. Much love, Heather Marcum

  6. Hi Heather! Thank you so much for your well wishes! God is good. I am glad I finally listened to His plan. It's made for an amazing journey for our family! I hope you are all doing well! :)


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