Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine's Day Reflection

In reflection of a hard fought year, I cannot help but see the long list of people who have helped us along the journey thus far.  Our needs are still long, and our journey far from over, but the support we have received can only remind me that we are not alone.

There has been Joy who showed me that I did not need a pharmaceutical company to tell me what was best for my child.  There is Nichole in PA who has been an encouragement and a prayer support throughout the entire journey, and local GAPS mamas who have helped keep me sane (Dom and Rebecca).

The list goes on...
Hailey who supplied the Vitamix that allowed us to feed Ellie for the first 6 months, Julie B. who purchased us a freezer for storing meat and zucchini, and Julie N. who used time in her super busy schedule to make Ellie's laundry soap and ship it to me.  Several people helped with the cost of getting to the WAPF conference in Dallas, including Molly who helped me find a place to stay while there.  Brea and Penny who gifted us stock pots, and Cynthia who has loaned us hers.

Jubilee Farm, Winterport Farm, Bledsoe Farm, Atkins Ranch - all amazing resources, making clean food, and understanding the hurdles we face to feed Ellie.

Both sets of  Ellie's grandparents who have helped financially.  Jason's parents who helped finish the chicken coop that houses Ellie's grain free chickens/eggs.  My parents who now house the roosters so that we did not have to butcher them early. 

Patty who helped make the connection with old friends - Aaron and Steve, who have supplied us with countless pounds of wild game, and resources towards several others who have donated as well.  My only regret is that those hunters may never truly understand how pivotal they have been in Ellie's healing.

Old friends, such as Julie N. and Amie, who have kept their ear to the uphill battle we faced, offering encouragement along the way.  New friends who have done the same, and helped me transition to our new normal, such as Jen A, Cyndi, and Jen F.

And for the GAPSkids mamas- mamas who are friends, supporters, and who are walking the same path. Who are brave, going against the easy and the expected, so that they may heal their children instead of simply sustaining them.

I could continue for weeks. And my only regret is that it is impossible to name every single person.

But I must not forget the most important - my husband.  The world's best daddy who has made the adjustments necessary, who spends hours every evening doing dishes and blending meat after a long day at work, who sits by the tub during detox baths, and who still finds time to teach his 6 year old soccer and hang out with his wife.

This February 14 I am incredibly thankful I am not walking this journey alone.  I am amazingly grateful for all of the people who have allowed God to use them.  He has been faithful to provide. Thank you to all who have been a vessel!

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