Monday, October 29, 2012


We have hit stage 3!  It's all eating from here.  Ellie is now eating winter squash, carrots, onions, leeks, nut butter, ....the list keeps growing.  Many of these things she could not tolerate at the start of GAPS and she is now doing great.  The fact that she can now eat 'sugary' vegetables means that she has fought back the yeast, begun detoxing properly, and healed beyond dissacharide deficiency.

There are odd adjustments going on in the family dynamic as she begins to eat.  Often she gives a surprised look when she asks for something and we respond with "YES!", instead of "Not yet! When Jesus heals your belly! but SOON!".  All day today I heard her singing her made up song of "pum-kin muffin yum-ME! pum-kin muffin yum-ME! pumkin muffin yum-ME to meeeeeeeee".

Aside from textures, she still can not truly chew.  This hang up is due to missing some developmental milestones, but also due to her lip tie. After her last growth spurt the restriction on the left side of her face became much more visible.  Her lip on that side does not move the same when she talks, and sometimes turns blue when the muscle is strained. I am certain the issue of chewing will not be fully resolved until she has the surgery she needs.  Unfortunately we can not afford it yet, so it will have to wait.

In the meantime she compensates by tearing microscopic pieces off of pancakes or muffins, and we are working on textures with things like nut and seed butters.  We are doing our best to offer her more and more options within her chewing limitations.  We have to think of her as a beginning eater, and remember she is susceptible to choking.

It's truly a whole new world around here.  As we near the end of Team Ellie's 6 months of prayer, I see God's faithfulness. I heard Him say clearly to establish a team of prayer warriors, and I heard Him say that 6 months was the time frame.  During this 6 months He has revealed hang ups and hurdles, and amazing healing. Thursday will be the 6 month mark.  And she is truckin', leaving FPIES and EGID in the dust.


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