Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pulled Pork

The only meat (besides grain fed chicken) that Ellie has had trouble with has been pork. While she couldn't tolerate chicken in the beginning, she seems to do okay with corn and soy free, grain fed chicken broth now. Pork is a different story.

I have no idea if it is actually pork itself, or if it is the grain it is fed. The pork we purchase is pastured, as well as corn and soy free; but it is also fed grains. I have noticed that every time we feed Ellie pork she eats less and seems to just generally not like it. I figure she is allowed to not like a meat or two, and kept feeding it to her on a rather large rotation.

The last two or three times we gave her pork she had some suspicious poo, and I told her daddy pork may actually be more problematic than we had thought. This time it was pretty obvious. Pork broth and pork meat combined to be pork constipation and then reflux and then crying and then bloated belly and then...well, you get the picture. Yesterday she woke up from her nap with a 101 fever which is extremely rare. Every fever Ellie has had is tied to a food fail. (Insert note here that we also started her on elk broth for the first time yesterday, but her reaction had started prior to elk and was too quick to have been elk.)

I threw her in the bath with some Epson salts, and gave her an enema. Fever came down, and we received a diaper filled with confirmation that pork was not her choice meat. Darn. Is it the pork or is it the grain in the meat? Not sure. But that is OK. She has more than enough meats to rotate through, and we won't even dwell on it. For now, we pulled pork.

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