Friday, January 6, 2012

More on Fungus and Coconut Oil

Did I forget to mention that coconut oil is anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal?

In her book Dr. Natasha talks about the over growth of body bacteria and how it has amazing potential to wreak havoc. She discusses sensory issues, like those we commonly associate with autism. I can't remember where I read it in her book or pieced it together, but the concept as it applies to Ellie is this:

Certain bacteria belong in your gut. When the body flora gets out of whack, it can travel up into your mouth and even into your sinuses. An example of this is thrush. This imbalance can cause foods to taste funny and even burn, change your sense of smell, etc.

One thing we always found to be bizarre with Ellie was her insistence on drinking her bottles super hot. HOT. Shortly after going GAPS, she started complaining it was too hot. And now she practically drinks her bottles cold...which is handy for travel.

After introducing the coconut oil she began to want her bottles warmer, and after this last increase she has jumped back to wanting them pretty darn hot again. Crazy stuff! The detox in her body is changing her senses and how she feels.

The other thing we are seeing with the increase of coconut oil is eye goop. Not a lot, but it's there, and enough to bug her and ask me to washcloth her face clean. We never saw this even when she was full blown FPIES. I don't even remember seeing it when she was on inhalers and nebulizers and wheezing from all the phlegm and gunk. I know other FPIES-GAPS mamas have mentioned it as a detox reaction with their kiddos, but this is the first time we have seen it. And tonight when I put her to bed she was a bit gunky in her sinuses, too. Gonna have to keep an 'eye' on it. Might be pushing too hard too fast.

Today was day 8, and day two of 2/3 teaspoons. The goal is one full teaspoon per day. We will see how she feels tomorrow.


  1. Yes, I also believe that coconut oil is anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal. Been using it for more than a year already and its really effective for me.

    1. Coconut oil is great! We are now also using fermented coconut water which is very healing as well.

  2. Have you checked with her doctor? Because my son had eye gunk for a really long time (and they said ti was very common in babies and they grow out of it). Something to do with tear ducts that are too small or something... just saying, it may not be the coconut oil.

    1. Hi Ally. Thank you for the suggestion; Ellie's tear ducts are great. The mucous channels of the body are common places for an overloaded body to try and detox. This post is from January of 2012, and in the last year I have met at least a dozen other kids who have either shown allergic inflammation through their respiratory system or who have struggled with detoxing that way while on GAPS. At the time of this post I was surprised at this, but am no longer. If the intestines are not working properly, the body heads for the skin(eczema) and respiratory channels instead.


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