Monday, March 26, 2012

More On The Neighbor

So the same day I had had enough of our neighbor-lady, the hubby stopped and chatted with the neighbor-man.  Since our lawn was freshly mowed (by the neighbor-lady), the hubby offered the information that our lawnmower was broken.  The neighbor-man responded kindly, and with a comment about how his wife was worked up about the for sale sign going on their lawn.  He gave hubby the name of a lawn mower repair guy, and then gave him a kiddie pool for our kids.  (Now, they have these inside dogs that I think the pool was for, but it was still a kind gesture and we could wash it out.)  He even came over later to offer us some piece of furniture that we said 'no thank you' to. 

Soooooo, yes. I was reminded that the actions of mean people are always about their own issues. And glad I never dropped of the letter.  And glad I let hubby take care of it.  But still irritated at the rudeness displayed by the neighbor-lady.  They have officially moved out and left a for sale sign in their place. And I am still pleased about that!

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