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Safe is a word that is used often in the FPIES community.  So is cross-contamination. In the most sensitive individuals, they can have an allergic reaction to something manufactured on shared equipment, or in the case of the kitchen a shared plate.  I have long searched to find safe products for Ellie. Safe soap, safe lotion, safe conditioner, safe laundry soap, safe everything.

You also may not know that Ellie's daddy and I have a special place in our hearts for adoption.  We used the word safe when referring to orphans well before our journey with Ellie started.  We were down a three year journey of infertility and adoption prior to having Ellie's older sister, and during that journey we researched, read, and attempted to fund-raise quite extensively. Adoption is EXPENSIVE.  An international adoption can easily cost over $20,000.  Many resources we found talked about the responsibility of society (more specifically the church) to support orphans and those who can give them a family.  We firmly believe that not everyone is called to adopt, but everyone is called to support those who can.  Following the advice of several major Christian organizations we sent out support letters many years ago, and were naively devastated to find that our plea to help fund an adoption actually offended many people.  Some were quite nasty.

At this point you may be wondering what in the world these two things have in common. WELL! Many months ago another mom found this blog, and one of her adopted kiddos has a severe condition on the same spectrum as FPIES (an EGID).  That mamma has been making lotions and chapsticks to riase money for another adoption.  And....

That mama made us a SAFE lotion!!! Not only did I not have to make it, but it supported her adoption fund.  Since our current adoption plans are on hold, I was so thrilled!

Ellie's Safe Lotion!
Are you searching for a safe lotion or chapstick?  Cross-contamination free? 100% organic? Unrefined? Completely safe???  This mama may be your answer!  (just email her for options)

They recently put an additional adoption on hold, and any funds received are going towards her kiddo's medical care.  I know first hand these expenses, and families dealing with a medical special need are in huge need of support - especially financial.

Like any other situation, if you are not called to give financially - then dont. And dont feel guilty. But if you...
-are in the allergy community and want an amazing, safe lotion
-are a fan of natural, lovely smelling, fantastic body products
-want to support an adoptive family
-want to support the medical expenses of a special need child
...or just have money to spend (hehe)....please take a minute to email this mama.

She can be found at:


  1. My husband and I have always wanted to adopt....way before our situation with Kennedy. Anyhow, it hasn't been a thought in our heads lately and then I saw Steven Curtis Chapman in concert a couple of weeks ago. He is a major supporter of adoption as he adopted three girls from China. Anyhow, he runs a great charity/organization that gives families grants to afford to adopt. I was thinking what a great charity to be able to contribute to.
    I will definitely check out this ladies website also! Thanks for the info!

    1. oooh yeah. He is great. btw,...I thought this post was weird timing coupled with your skin post!


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