Sunday, October 24, 2010

An FPIES Birthday Party

Planning an FPIES birthday party can be sad and frustrating. Ours turned out great, and was a ton of fun! Perhaps we can inspire other families to embrace, and not just grin and bear it! Here is what we did.

Theme: Fruit! I handmade invitations with the help of the nearby scrapbooking store. Using fruit stickers, paper with little recipe cards, and matching papers, I wrote the following:
Handpicked by heaven for our family tree,
The sweetest fruit of summer there ever could be,
With a smile so bright it could never fade,
She's the finest little produce that God ever made!

Inside I wrote: Please join us friends and family for a bumper crop of fun, as we celebrate the special day Elianna Joy turns 1!

Decorations included summer colors of balloons, streamers, table covers (red, yellow, green...) and plastic play fruit scattered about. We put up her birthday picture in a frame, next to a decorative keepsake plate we bought with a picture of a cake on it.

Food included a chocolate fountain and a spread of things to dunk. Mostly fruit of course, but a few odd things like pretzels. And fruit punch of course. It was a major hit!

We then had three games: Bobbing for apples, finding the blueberries in the whipped cream pie with your hands behind your back, and a lemon eating contest. The prizes were Santa Cruz organic lemonades for the kids to take home.

We diced up tiny super ripe peaches and put a candle on top so that we could sing happy birthday and have a photo op. That part didnt go as great. Oh well! And then we passed out ice cream cups instead of cake.

Overall it was SO much fun. And I am so glad we embraced it!

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