Sunday, October 10, 2010

What is Nutramigen Lipil?

It occurred to me that many might not know about Nutramigen Lipil. The GI explained at our first visit that there were two additional 'levels' of baby formula, in addition to the regular over the counter formulas that you see. The first level can be purchased over the counter, and consisted of partially hydrolyzed dairy protein. The (cow) dairy protein was cut into shorter chains for this formula which makes it easier to digest and 'hypoallergenic'. It runs between $20 and $30 a can. One of these formulas is Nutramigen Lipil.

The second level of formula is prescription, medical grade, and amino acid based. In this formula the (cow) dairy protein is completely broken down to individual amino acids so that there is no digestion needed. These formulas can only be obtained from the manufacturer, through a pharmaceutical supply company, or perhaps on amazon. They range from about $40-$50 a can. These are Elecare, Neocate, Nutra, or Nutramigen AA.

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  1. Maija is on Nutramigen Lipil and it is the reason she has gained weight. After her last hospital stay when we discovered the milk allergy.


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