Friday, October 15, 2010

Something Still Not Quite Right

Ellie's continual discomfort and vomiting made me uneasy. I should take the time to mention that we are not talking spit up, or normal baby vomit. We are talking projectile, curdled, and large quantities. Doctors said it should get better when she started solids because it would weigh things down...such as stomach acid. Hmm. I began to research the introduction of solid foods and discovered that other countries don't share the perspective we have here about delaying foods, and in fact, the American Association of Pediatrics is considering revising their standpoint. This discovered, coupled with wanting to stop her vomiting and pain, and with the need for sleep, I dove into the introduction of solids for Elianna.

I did not take good notes during this phase because I had no idea there was a need. I grabbed all the traditional first foods and went for it, not expecting to hit a curve ball. We tried, rice cereal, oat cereal, sweet potatoes, avocado. She received the spoon well at the beginning, but after one or two tries of any food she would clamp her mouth shut and refuse. And the vomiting! It got worse and worse. For about 4 - 6 weeks I attempted to get some food into Elianna. Her stool became horribly green and disgusting with a bizarre acidic smell. Her butt burned within minutes if I didnt change her diaper right away, and she began throwing up within minutes of eating. About 6 weeks into trying food I attempted banana. Like most of the other foods, the first one or two times seemed ok. But by about the third try she was vomiting. Banana?! Really?? At this point I knew I must be nuts. How could any baby be vomiting, crying, and screaming after eating sweet potatoes, rice cereal, or banana?? Something was wrong.

I decided that maybe she had celiacs. I gave her oat cereal instead. Nothing worked! I headed back to the GI yet again and this time I expressed my frustration and concern. I want her tested for Celiacs, I declared. The GI agreed, saying that he had doubt and that we needed to start aggressively eliminating what could be wrong. Keep her on the Nutramigen Lipil, and do some tests.

(Note: She continued to gain weight and grow, staying above the 90th percentile at all times. This alone baffled the doctors and I believe continues to be a struggle for us. Oddly, her outer appearance does not match that of her inner, so 'proving' she is sick has become an issue at times. I felt there were small signs such as sunken, dark eyes and puffy body features but nothing that got attention. But more on that later)

After our appointment with the GI we headed down to the lab where vial after vial of blood was drawn from Elianna. I couldn't believe the amount they had to take!

Our fantastic GI spent much time communicating with me over email and phone. And back in to his office to discuss the results.

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