Monday, November 29, 2010

The FPIES must-haves

This is the first in my posts on items around the house that FPIES mommies really need to make their lives easier. We are all strapped from medical bills, and often people don't know how they can help. If at any point you feel the need to support an FPIES mommy (and daddy) that you know, here is one gift that would be a great one. I received mine as a gift, and it has been fantastic to have.


This nifty item helps to keep things contained, separate, non-contaminated, and processed in a hurry. Its great for those FPIES toddlers learning how to eat and dealing with delays, because it can make instant smoothies! Fruit is one of the first and easiest things for (most) FPIES babies to digest. And for those families with siblings, you can make a smoothie tailored for each kid without worrying about cross-contamination. It is truly a big thing in an FPIES house to serve your left-out FPIES baby something he or she watches her brothers and sisters eat. How much better can you get?

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