Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Puzzle Continues

Typical of FPIES, within two days we knew we had a new problem - constipation. A call to the GI said to switch and try her on Elecare, which we did. Within 24 hours she was screaming her head off and vomiting like crazy. Back to Nutramigen AA we went, and back to constipation. Roller coaster up, roller coaster down.

Her recent tests came rolling back in, including the scope and biopsy that was her birthday present. The radiologist was concerned about colitis in her upper intestines. Scope was not high enough to confirm colitis that showed on the xray, but GI said it was not a concern because there would be more visible problems with her stool. (note: still do not entirely agree here, but at this time there is no point in putting her under to scope her upper intestines) I asked about doing a candida test, not realizing this had already been done by her pediatrician and was negative. I asked about probiotics. I was told that it would not hurt but the ones over the counter are not FDA approved or regulated and that Candida over growth was an Internet autism myth. Hmm. (this is another area that the GI and I disagree some on)

All I knew was the information was pouring in once again, and once again the blood was showing up in her diapers, but this time because she actually could NOT go poo. She was so constipated that every couple of days she spent time crying in agony as we rubbed her back and pushed up her knees to help give her leverage. The GI prescribed Miralax in her bottle. And shortly into baseline with constipation, she got 'something' off the kitchen floor.

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