Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Proctor and Gamble follow up

So I heard back from good 'ole P&G today regarding my questions about Ivory soap. Here is their very polite and unhelpful response, which I am sure is their attempt to keep their formula a secret:

Thanks for contacting Ivory, Nichole.

I understand how frustrating it is to have allergies! It may help to know that here in our Consumer Relations office, we're provided with the same ingredient listing you see on the product package. If this doesn’t provide the information you need, we ask that you have your physician get in touch with us listing the ingredients you’re allergic to and the product you use that might contain them. Be sure to clearly indicate the full product name, fragrance, and color/shade as written on the package. Also, please include your complete name and this reference number: XXXXXXXXX

Your doctor may fax a written request on office letterhead to: (513) 983-2881. If faxing isn't an option, please have him/her mail the request to:

P&G Consumer Relations
2 P&G Plaza
Ingredient Inquiry
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Consumer Relations
P.O. Box 355, Station A,
Toronto, ON M5W 1C5

Once we receive your doctor's request, we'll research your inquiry and hope to provide a response in approximately four weeks.

Please understand we have your best interest at heart by following a strict process for ingredient information requests.

We appreciate your patience.

(deleted name)
P&G Team

Yeah....they want a list of her allergies. That should help move the process along, and if I don't give her a bath for four weeks while waiting for their response I should be 'good to go'.

Should I bother to respond? or just move on in search of a new option? *sigh*


  1. How about you just send them a description of FPIES...

  2. We need to find you a UCD chemist with spare time on his hands to analyze this stuff!


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