Thursday, January 27, 2011

You Know You Are An FPIES Mom When....

In light of today's recent incidents, ok, well vomit is not really ALL that out of the ordinary....
While reflecting on this morning's events, I began to think I would deter from my catching up posts to this. There are a ton of these that circulate the internet for various topics, so why can't I have my own?

You know you are an FPIES mom when....

1. you are covered in vomit from head to toe, you are mentally noting how it smells for documentation purposes, and it is all in a days work.
2. you tell people that your child has an 'extremely rare immune systems DISEASE' and dont tell them it isn't contagious because you are tired of explaining what it really is, and their reaction can be somewhat fun.
3. you find yourself wishing someone gave out honorary medical degrees.
4. you have to trial a band-aid.
5. you hope it is 'just' a virus, or a cold, or an ear infection, or.......
6. you have a dated portfolio of poop pictures.
7. you understand acronyms such as MSPI, FPIES, PIC and EE.
8. you need a t-shirt that says "Please don't feed the child".
9. you have a spreadsheet on your fridge to record food eaten, time eaten, amount eaten, and if any vomiting or poop episodes followed.
10. you view words such as anal, or obsessive compulsive, or overprotective, or helicopter parenting all completely blase', and replace them with expressions like 'do you mind if I vacuum your floor'? or 'she will have ice chips with that'.

Teehee! :)


  1. Ok, hilarious but sad all at the same time! I love that you're sharing your journey with the world. It's fascinating and inspiring to keep up with! Can't wait to see you guys!

  2. Hi, Love this! Thank you for adding a sense of humor as I think we all need this to keep pressing on! I am new to this diagnosis and I appreciate all the info you have and hope I can connect with other mom's in the same boat.
    Keep that sense of humor!

  3. Holy MOLY Nichole - This is a RIOT! I love the second part of #1 - #5 is insanely true - and the quotes on #10 are fabulous. I can relate to EVERY bit of this post. Someday we will all look back on these details and well who knows what! Hang in there girl.

  4. Kristina! welcome to the sorry you have to be here!

    Nichole...oh my I laugh every time I think of our 'vacuum the floor' conversations....

  5. Not just vacuum the floor at people's houses either...I even asked for a broom at one of Matthew's allergist appointments. We were waiting on his prick test and I wanted to let him crawl around, but the floor was just icky...


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