Sunday, February 6, 2011

Things We Are Looking For

This is a list of the items we are currently in need of in our home to cook for Ellie. Information on sales, ads, or give-aways would be greatly appreciated!

- large stock pot with lid
- soy and corn free meat information: almost anything at this point! emu anyone? yak?
- large lidded bucket for making and storing laundry soap (empty kitty litter bucket?)
- large food processor
- yogurt maker



    Soy free chicken/egg....haven't heard back from them if they are corn free as well (sent e-mail, need to just call).

  2. If one were to look into blessing you with one or more of these items (such as silicone sheets and/or stock pot), are there any specific manufacturing, packaging or other contamination issues one would need to be aware of? :)

  3. haha. Julie you are sweet. A recommendation or coupon would be awesome as well! or if someone had a juicer in the cupboard that they dont use... anyways. If there was any specifics I put it on there. Like the juicer. Otherwise nope! I will be shopping craigslist for most. But always prefer things like kitchen utensils from people I know in case someone just gave up their meth lab and was selling their cooking pots on craigslist. HA! Cant wait for you guys to come visit!!!!

  4. PS you could bless me with a really awesome old victorian house at the edge of the Tower District (hehehe.....)

  5. Joy! What a great link! I have been looking for the historically how have they been fed info too. VERY curious to hear if there is corn in their diet. Usually the Omega - 3 means flax. Fingers crossed!

  6. You're funny! I think I would be a little hesitant too about the cooking utensils! Glad to know Target stuff is ok! Can't wait to see you guys!

  7. Well I might have your juicer. I got it to help a little foster boy that we didn't get to keep. I will let you take a look at it and see if it meets your needs!


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