Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Farmer's Market

Saturday morning I headed to the Davis Farmer's Market. If you are out of the area and have never been to this particular farmer's market you are missing out. I spent a few hours there quizzing vendors on their wares, and was extremely pleased to find a resource for grass fed beef - NOT finished with grain. I loaded up on bones for stew and headed home to make Ellie her beef broth.

We decided to give her a day to rest and re-coop, because the two scoops of formula in each bottle of almond milk was making a HUGE difference, and she was bounding around the house once again. For whatever the reason, the corn formula had not brought back the reflux or the reaction symptoms (though we had yet to see another poop to be sure).

I was now convinced that part of her problem had been the die off effect of her intestines. I believe that she may have to get worse before she can get better since her intestines are over run with an imbalance of good and bad bacteria. When this is disrupted and bacteria die off, toxins are released into the system and can cause side effects. If this is documented and understood to happen in 'regular' people, it makes sense that it could happen to an extreme for Ellie. My goal is to manage the die off and make it a gradual transition, and going cold turkey to the almond milk was just too much for her little system to take.

Saturday night I loaded the fridge and freezer with home made beef broth, and prayed that I was making the right choice. The nutritionist had wanted us to try lamb, so this could not be too far out there, right? At least beef would be a little bit more affordable than a toddler on a diet of rack of lamb!

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