Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ellie Had a Little Lamb!

While cleaning the freezer I was excited to find a few jars of beef broth that looked unbroken. This was great news since we were out of lamb and fish. I very carefully removed three unbroken mason jars of beef broth from my garage freezer, and being careful not to bump them on anything, I placed them in our bathtub to thaw. I was able to save them, so I did not have to make beef broth again right away. My mom was kind enough to make the fish broth for me the first time, and offered to make it again, which helped restock my broths. All I had to remake immediately was the lamb.

I was worried I would over do the beef broth if I did not rotate them enough, so we put her back onto formula and almond milk for two days. In an effort to get caught up.....here is a quick synopsis:

Adding the formula back in confirmed that it has been causing symptoms for Elianna. Her reflux and upper respiratory symptoms returned quickly, and I am now convinced that the corn based formula has caused her body to be in a state of inflammation for her entire little life.

The almond milk has not sustained her, and was causing her to be malnourished. This was a horrible recommendation by the doctors, who in their defense, have nothing other than trial and error to guide them. She needs the calories and additional nutrients that the formula provides while we transition her off and onto the GAPs introduction diet (with modifications).

We went one more round of broths: one day beef, one day lamb, one day fish. The results were fantastic! NO signs of reaction or symptoms. We eliminated the almond milk from her bottle entirely, and today we took a BIG STEP!

I made the lamb bone broth, and then pureed up the meat, bone marrow, fat, and other parts we have come to know as 'icky'. I poured the broth into small mason jars, and then added 2 rounded tablespoons of the lamb meat puree to each jar. Once shook up, it completely dissolved into the broth, making it possible to feed her in her bottle. And today that is what she ate! Correction: she CHOWED!

I was really worried that she would be turned off by the texture and that I would not be able to get it liquefied enough with my regular-joe-blender, but she did not seem to mind, and I think she even liked it! Let's hope the other meats blend up that easily.

To complicate matters and make the guessing game more fun (sarcasm there), she contracted a virus this week, and two nights ago her fever reached 104. Thankfully we have some corn-free compounded acetaminophen and ibuprofen in our cupboards, which brought it down to 100. After two late nights battling fever, the lamb broth with puree and some added formula was her drug of choice today. I feared that the amount she ingested would increase her chance for reaction and we would be in horrible shape by tonight. She drank almost 60 ounces of broth just during the day today, with a nap from 11:30 to 3:45! I was so afraid she would wake up screaming or that it was the start of a reaction, but when she woke up she looked better than she has looked, well...ever! With the bottles and the puree we let her paw at in her highchair at dinner, she ate about 4 teaspoons of lamb puree today.



  1. Is that true? That you need to rotate broth/meat daily in the beginning of GAPS? How did I miss that major detail?

    1. HI there :) No. Not true. You dont have to. We rotated because of her severe and limited situation. The more variety in broth the more variety of nutrition and nutrients.


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