Wednesday, February 23, 2011


FPIES can be a dark and consuming place. In North America we are programmed to trust the professionals, because they have the degree to back it up. In North America there are no answers or protocols for FPIES. This breeds fear and uncertainty. During a very uncertain 18 months, I have been supported and blessed by many other FPIES mamas, many of who you will find featured on the left side of this blog.

In addition, God has provided two mamas who have encouraged me in particularly amazing ways, and have allowed God to use them. This week as I am stepping out to make some decisions for Elianna, they have been truly valuable friends.

I LOVE my friend Julie, who was a college roomie and who was a bridesmaid in my wedding. I love how her knowledge and life experiences have added to mine, and how she is so steadfast in her love for the Lord. She is a gem for sure! After her family of four spent the weekend with my crazy, broth making, 1700's emulating family of four, I was not sure if she would be speaking to me anymore. Instead, she uplifted me with a very sweet blog post. (click here to read)

I have another friend who I have not known for nearly as long. She lives on the other side of the continent, and was first featured in my blog (here). Our friendship began when she followed a prompting to send me some cans of formula, which has begun the path of hope for Elianna. I joke that she is the Nichole on the other coast with the creepy similarities. Six months, and many FPIES conversations and prayers later, we have both been individually led to a lesser known treatment plan for our children. Her story is amazing, and she does a great job putting it into words. You an read all about it (here).

FPIES is scary, frustrating, and often alone. It doesn't have to be.

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