Sunday, February 27, 2011

What Does She Eat??

Like other FPIES moms, I get this question all the time. If she doesn't eat food, then what does she eat? What do you mean she cant have FOOD? Doesn't she have to eat meat or eggs or nuts to get protein?

There is another FPIES mom who has been kind enough to humor my ignorant questions and help me through my 90 degree learning curve since our family has been forever changed by FPIES. This moms is a nutritionist- she does it professionally! And I will be forever grateful for her knowledge. In addition, her son who is a little older than Elianna, has walked a similar path with a severe intolerance to corn. His path and his mamas has been one of many mountains, and has caused much more long term damage, something we have been able to avoid so far with Elianna.

She just completed a blog post about what her son eats, and it answers a lot of questions that I get all of the time as well. Elianna's current diet has been tailored to her specific FPIES, but Sam has had the priviledge of having a mommy that has known the benefits of hemp and coconut long before I even knew they existed.

Please take the time to read this post of hers. It is a very similar situation to Ellie's, and will give more insight for those of you who are looking to make adjustments for your own FPIES child.

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