Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Friday I packed up the kiddos so we could attempt to make it to our local home school co-op. I had no idea how I was going to make sure Elianna actually ate while we were there, and my nerves were a wreck, but there was no way I could disappoint my five year old with something else she would miss out on due to her sick sister. I just prayed that the other moms (and dads) would be understanding of my foggy glazed expressions and difficulty socializing like a normal human being. After all, they have appeared understanding thus far. So out the door we went.

After the first hour, Elianna gladly took her bottle of almond milk and drank it lukewarm, actually, mostly cold! Now this was a first for her - EVER. She has always been very particular about the temperature of her bottle, and I believe it is because of her reflux and pain. The warm soothes and makes it easier to swallow. I happily accepted this cold bottle as a sign that she was feeling better. Hooray!

The most exciting event occurred during hour two - a diaper full of yellow poop! In the FPIES world, we are great poop analyzers. Color, smell, texture, consistency, time of day, amount, ...you name it. We FPIES mommies could write stellar science reports on the poop in those FPIES diapers. What is typical is a green, acidic, butt burning, rash causing, sometimes blistering, extreme diarrhea or extreme constipation. The smell is a give away from the next room. Elianna has had this in her diapers since birth. THIS was the first yellow poo I had probably seen since we had left the hospital when she was born. THIS was remarkable. THIS did not burn and was only uncomfortable, and THIS was proof that she was not reacting to the almond milk! Two solid answers in one morning, and I was ecstatic.

THIS was a great day that started out with some fantastic answers. Thank you God. THANK YOU for answers.

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