Monday, February 28, 2011

The Procedure: Part 2... of 3

As the nurses began to clean up I could sense I was not the only one stressed from the events, and made comment of how we all needed margaritas. They agreed. And off we rolled.

As we came out of the room we passed our GI who was consulting with the recovery nurse. "NO food," I could hear him saying..." juice. None of the usual. She will be fine." That was reassuring. She had already come into my room and left a cart of orange juice and apple juice and asked it if it was OK to leave or if it would tempt Elianna. I was worried they would feed her before I was able to get back to her room after recovery.

Our GI turned and saw us riding buy and concern crossed his face. I usually show up in his office with poop portfolio in hand and ready to talk facts. I was transparent with my concern and frustration that morning. He quickly followed us into the procedure room and asked me how she was doing, what was new, what is this new broth diet he knows nothing about and how it is it going. In the middle of this I met the anesthesiologist.

"I understand you have some concerns," she began. "But I discussed them with Dr. B and he said it was a reaction that required ingestion and that he did not believe putting the medication right into her blood would cause problems. However we are very prepared if there should be."

I just stared. She continued. And it all went very fast.

"We are going to begin giving her the propophyl and she is going to start going limp. The MINUTE you feel her go limp you MUST turn around and put her down on the gurney PROMPTLY so that we can IMMEDIATELY put the oxygen mask on her."

WHAT THE HECK? How did I sign up for this? And who is this quack job anesthesiologist??

She went limp almost instantly and I scrambled to get up off of the gurney and lay her down.
"And there she goes," she said. And Elianna screamed, rolled and tried to sit up. I started to cry again. And out she went. "We always win in the end...hahahaha," the anesthesiologist continued. I just stood there.

Our GI sat next to her on the bed and said "She will be OK." He handed me 'Bear', and I said "I guess I leave now?" He turned and said something along the lines of "Hey someone show her to the waiting room!" and out I went to wait.

The nurse that showed me to the waiting room informed me that as soon as the GI was done speaking with me I could go back into Elianna's room for her recovery. And I waited. And I updated on facebook to keep myself distracted.

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