Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Moving Past Hemp (for now)

The next day I added 1/4 teaspoon Hemp protein powder to Elianna's formula, but when she finished the bottle there was a lot left. The second bottle confirmed that the powder was staying stuck in the neck of the bottle nipple and she was not ingesting it. Bummer. That was a wasted day.

She was thinner, and she still only ate maybe two bottles that day. No reflux or reaction symptoms were obvious, and I had no idea what to do. The nutritionist had instructed me to give her at least a week to get back up to eating the same amount as formula or more. We were at day 5.

I researched the caloric value of almond milk. I researched almond oil, hemp milk, hemp oil, hemp powder, her safe fruits....anything I could think of that I could add to her almond milk to give it more calories. I consulted a friend who makes home made formula for her FPIES son, and attempted to create a recipe that would be safe for Ellie. She needed calories. The hemp protein powder didn't have many calories in it, so that was not worth the trial and risking the fail. Not eating could be a sign that she was hurting from the almond milk.

I emailed the nutritionist again, and he pushed me towards a specific brand of Hemp milk. I responded that it had carageenan in it, which is known for causing stomach upset. I didnt think that was a good choice. He emailed again saying to try another specific brand that did not have carageenan. It had brown rice syrup. I emailed again and said that was also not going to work, and then decided it was just wasting my time to consult the nutritionist.

That night on my knees I begged to know if she was reacting to the almond milk, or if being off the corn formula she was actually feeling better. And next steps? Add an oil? Try a food? I needed direction.

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