Friday, February 11, 2011


The next morning I woke up and received a science lesson on freezer containers. I gasped out loud as I opened the freezer door to find hours of labor and money down the drain - about 8 Mason jars had exploded in the freezer. I checked the garage chest freezer, and sure enough, they had exploded there as well. I now had SOME fish broth, SOME lamb broth, and NO beef broth. And two freezers to gut and clean. As I picked up a jar from the freezer to begin the process, it shattered and hit the floor, sending glass shards from the hallway to the living room to the dining room. Oooooh my.

Just the night prior I was amazed and the details God pays attention to, and how he orchestrates things for His glory. How this was going to fit in was a bit baffling. I sighed, and began the process of cleaning.

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  1. I was in tears reading yesterday and then chuckling reading today. God is good and He is right there with you. It will be interesting to know (someday) how God will use the experience BUT we know he will. I am so gld she is doing well with the broths! I am hoping to make chicken tomorrow and then lamb!


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