Wednesday, April 27, 2011

And How Do We Get Them Back?

This has been the research question of the month for me. Those confusing digestive enzymes have pushed me into rethinking my career and considering courses this summer in something that might help. The short answer: heal the intestines from the inside out.

Using SCD and GAPS books, along with information provided from our relocated GI, medical studies, and other knowledgeable mamas, I have been able to piece together a basic understanding of the GI tract in relationship to these enzymes. Here is my (guaranteed over-simplified) version:

When the intestines receive damage of any kind (antibiotics, illness, inherited 'toxic load', etc.) then the bacterial make-up present there can become imbalanced. Things grow more than they are supposed to and others die off. These important digestive enzymes reside on the tips of the intestinal villi. There they can be damaged from this bacterial overgrowth and the body may then begin to cover them with a protective mucous.

Another way they can be damaged is through lack of nutrition. During bacterial overgrowth, these symbiotic intestinal bugs begin to grow places they are not supposed to, like into the stomach and throat. Sound funky? Every mama knows about thrush in the mouth. There is one perfect example! Ph levels in the stomach change, change when invading bacteria take up residence, and if it does not do it's job, food can enter the intestines unprepared for further digestion. Things begin to go wrong. Hormones are not released as needed, other organs are not sent signals to make enzymes, and the entire digestive system becomes impaired. Much needed nutrition is not absorbed by the body, and these little intestinal villi take incredible amounts of nourishment just to do their job. Without it they begin laying flat and the body begins to cover them in a protective mucous.

Regardless of which comes first, (damage or malnourishment), eventually our little intestinal villi friends become exhausted, and somewhere along here is where the cycle of leaky gut and colitis begins. 'Holes' in the intestines develop. It is believed that proteins from food that are not meant to enter the body's bloodstream begin to make their way through the damaged intestinal wall, triggering allergies, intolerances and sensitivities.

Note (disclaimer?): yes, there are believed to be situations where this can happen due to genetic components, but those situations are rare and testing is extremely limited. There is not enough research or information at this point to identify these genes, and even if there was, it would not change the need for my daughter to eat.

So, that brings us back to the issue of how does she get them back? Healing. The bacteria that has overgrown must be starved and the bacteria that is missing must be replaced. And those little villi must be regrown using nutrition from the inside out. Gentle, healing nutrition that needs minimal or no digestion. What does that you say? What provides incredible amounts of easily absorbed nutrients, is rich in vitamins and minerals, provides the brain with it's much needed fats, and since the dawn of time has been used to nourish the intestines from the inside out?


Combining this with a lot of patient time for healing, we hope she will repair and begin to remake some or all of these enzymes - from the inside out.


  1. Well written......and well done.

  2. WHEW! I was waiting for an email from you telling me that I was putting out wrong information. lol. The Joy stamp of approval means tons! :)

  3. OK I need to read this a few times and get it in my head. A lot of info that has been floating around in my head just made sense!

    Good Job!!!!

    I still haven't been able to catch up with anything, but you are amazing with all you are getting done! I am learning so much from all of you :)

  4. I'm gonna stick with what Dom wrote..... you chickies blow me away with all your knowledge!!!

  5. I'm with Doms, too. Thank you SO much for sharing so much detail in your posts. Our son is four and was just diagnosed with EGID. We have currently eliminated 20 foods he is allergic to. Praying for wisdom and answers. We hope to keep him off of a g-tube and elemental formula w/ steroids. It's too early to tell if we'll be successful, but I am soaking up all I can about healing from the inside out. Thank you again!


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