Saturday, April 30, 2011


Next up? Cauliflower. No enzymes for digestion required.

What resulted was one extremely bloated, belly distended, and uncomfortable Ellie. Was it the nystatin? Die off? Or the cauliflower?

Back to only zucchini for a few days and the belly lessened. Adding in the cauliflower brought the same result - her 'innie' became an 'outie' from its stretching. Poor baby!

Back to just zucchini.

Now what? Broccoli. No enzymes required for digestion, but a guarantee bloated belly. Let's skip that one.

Since she appeared to be stuck in the vegetable world, I decided to go back to the original instructions given which included trying fermented cod liver oil. It is an animal product so I figured we had a better chance at this than vegetables, and it would increase the vitamins she was getting.

Day 1: 1 drop of fermented cod liver oil in one morning bottle. Some night time fussiness.

Day 2: 1 drop of fermented cod liver oil in one morning bottle. And she stopped pooping, and started screaming. And screaming. All night. And the reflux, and the gas, ...and...and....and....a major FAIL.

The directions I received was to try one drop per day for 2-3 days to see if she could tolerate it. Clearly she could not.

I wanted to join in the screaming. We were stuck. Now what? Eggs? We now have soy and corn free eggs in the fridge, and two home patch tests have shown no reaction. I chickened out. No pun intended.

Instead I added yellow crookneck squash to her zucchini. And on day two she seems to be doing just fine. WHEW. So summer squash is where we stay. For now.

Patience mama. Patience. Baby steps. Don't forget the progress already made. Summer squash is a great place to be.


  1. summer squash IS a great place to be....and wow! Eggs soon!?!!

  2. I agree...... broth and 2 veggies are amazing..... we are still on breast milk so be very PROUD of where you and Ellie are!! But yes, when the going gets good you wanna keep on going. Patience can be so very hard. But seriously you are one amazing, dedicated mama!!

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  4. Yes...a good place to be! Remember Dr. N.'s encouragement that this will take time. Thanks to test results you know she is getting good nutrients and you HAVE time!

    *ear to ear grin* so happy for the progress already made!!!


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