Monday, July 18, 2011

Wasted Anxiety

This is for those mamas who are worried about milestones and missing out and delays and oral aversion, and also for those just waiting for a general update.

We have done nothing outside of normal, everyday behavior to encourage the following:

This week Ellie started saying 'eat' and 'food', followed by climbing into her chair and waiting to be fed.

This week she asked for soup and proceeded to feed herself several spoons of warm meat puree.
And she swallowed.

This week she has started asking for food by name (even if she can't have it) and proudly gnawed on a hot dog while camping.

Today she asked to brush her teeth the same as her sister, and did a pretty darn good job (though she won't let me help).

She is talking, responding to commands, and yelling MINE! MINE! MINE! like every other terrible-soon-to-be-two on the planet.

All very exciting....all very normal....and all unexpected. There were days I wondered if it would ever come and what expensive therapy she would need. Best of all is knowing that it means she is feeling better, and there is nothing more on this planet I love to see than evidence of her healing.



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