Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bring On The Chickens

We had this great story of how I put a post on craigslist and an amazing farmer up in the Apple Hill area responded, telling me he would switch all of his layer and his meat chickens over to soy and corn free feed. We chatted chicken and eggs and Weston A Price Foundation, and about the industrial push for feeding animals corn. He was super kind and gave us a great deal on 6 dozen eggs that I picked up from him each week. In fact his wife was a charter school teacher, like me.

And last week he disappeared. Sounds a bit dramatic? Well,.....he did. He was a no-show for our usual pick-up appointment, and he returned none of my emails, texts, or phone calls. I emailed his business email, checked his website for catastrophic events, prayed nothing bad had befallen him or his family, and then his cell phone was disconnected.

I can not even begin to say how BIZARRE this has been. I have contemplated driving to his house, but have felt that may not be the best choice. And the saddest of all was being forced to remove his farm from our list of corn and soy free resources. I looked forward to highlighting his farm and his kindness on my just-getting-started website, but now I have to remove his contact information entirely. That to me is truly sad.

We are rationing out the eggs we still have in the fridge while we search for a new source, but so far we have found nothing. I have even sought to have some shipped from out of state. As a result we are being pushed towards owning our own chickens much faster than we had anticipated. Ellie needs the egg yolk to help with her healing and complete her nutritional needs. We can not continue to rely on someone else.

We checked country regulations and we meet the lot size requirements by exactly 135 square feet, so we have begun our planning, and hopefully within the next week we will be moving forward. But not quickly enough to have eggs for our Ellie, I am afraid. What a sad world we live in. What a frightening place when even the farms do not know of an alternative for corn. This does not comfort me when I think of Ellie's future. It pushes me back towards the continued internal debate: pray and know God will provide, or get moving on providing what we know we need. This time the answer was given to us - so bring on the chickens.

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  1. Go chickens!!

    How strange about your farmer. You are right - this is truly disturbing when you think about our kid's futures. What in the world are we supposed to do. With all of the drama surrounding organics and the GMO crops what will happen to organic foods??? Will they truly all become contaminated by the GMOs? I have been trying to buy organic potatoes and onions at our regular grocery store for 2 weeks. I finally asked them yesterday if they have stopped carrying them...they told me they try to order them every day and can't get them. WHAT??!! Then the problem presents with what we are allowed to do. We do not meet the lot size requirements for chickens. Well what about all the other VERY SPECIFIC food that our kids need. What if we can't get those items either. What are we to do?

    I guess the bottom line is that this is scary, BUT GOD WILL PROVIDE.

    ; )


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