Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Onward...with patience.

Onion has been removed from Ellie's broth for about 4 days now, and we are seeing quick recovery. Her eczema is clearing and she seems to be moving back into the realm of more normal poo. Hooray! But once again we are in the place of 'now what'.

She finally had her feeding evaluation which has given us a few ideas of how to work on getting her to swallow, and so we have focused on getting her at the table with a bowl of water and a spoon, or meatballs, or puree, or zucchini of some nature, in hopes of moving more towards a 'full belly' feeling. She licks food, or feeds me. And says 'mmmmm'. Or pretends to chew. Or eats rocks and paper.

We have worked hard at making the food in the house 'safe' for her. Even though she can not eat it, we are focused on removing things that would actually hurt her (like corn or soy). That way we can spend less time screaming 'stop don't touch that' and more time letting her explore. Luckily we almost always have some sort of meat on the table that she can chew on without worry. Except for chicken, which should be ready for butcher the end of July.

So overall we are moving forward. I suppose. Patience has never been my gifting, and this waiting-for-healing-thing is certainly difficult. (can you hear it in my tone?) Or perhaps it is just this up-twice-a-night-every-night-for-two-years-thing that is wearing me down. Or maybe it was the full vomit reaction she had this weekend after attending a birthday party where she was inadvertently included in a cloud of aerosol sunscreen that was not intended for her, reminding me of how sick she really is. Or.....

I am going to choose to blame it on the fact that it is gloomy and raining on one of these last days of June. And remind myself of this all too familiar scene, which makes me laugh every time. Those people who wake up whistling? They drive me nuts.

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