Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Leap

We did it.

June 1 we (I) made the leap and went GAPS with the entire family. Aside from being grain free, this also means we eliminated starchy, hard to digest vegetables (such as potato and most beans) that hinder digestive healing. To help with the transition I purchased a meal plan service from a GAPS website. This helped but also made some things harder for my perfectionist nature, as I tried to do everything perfect and ditch all of my regular recipes (not what I would recommend).

The questions I have received about WHY we have made this leap are all the same - why would you do that, and isn't that outrageously expensive? So here is the short of it:

We did it because the base for your immune system lies in your intestines, and your foundational intestinal bacteria are inherited from your parents. Inherited - not genetic. Having a child with FPIES says 'momma, take a look at your own gut'. Intestinal flora is shared from dad to mom, and mom to dad, as well (no explanation needed I hope). While not as visibly severe, Ellie's sister has her own issues. And if there is anything I have learned from FPIES it is that not all reactions or symptoms internally are visible on the outside.

Yes, it has been outrageously expensive. I think. Maybe not. Because I have not had the time to shop prices, and I already have one child who eats the equivalent of a $20 roast every 2 or 3 days. There are things that can be done to bring down the cost, and considering the end result, the cost is worth reworking the entire budget (in my humble opinion). This area is something I hope to work on and be able to share with other families in order to provide encouragement towards making healthier choices.

And if I may note, ignorance is always bliss. Always. Now that I have new information there is no way I can justify going back. I cannot choose between my children, providing one with what I know to be Real Food, and one with compromised nutrition, in an effort to keep my food budget down. Is it hard? Ab-so-STINKIN-lutely. But as a friend reminded me, anything worth it always is.

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