Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Answered Prayers

May is incredibly busy for our house as I finish up the school year (work) and get checked out for summer vacation.  This year feels as if I am trying to run at the speed of light as we move into some particularly large transitions for our family.  It has kept me from updating as much as I would like about the amazing answers to prayer we have been seeing.  May has most certainly been a month of planning, reconciling, and preparing for change.

Shortly after the 10 days of prayer began, it was clearly impressed up on me that Ellie needs fish and fish broth. I have not put much effort into feeding her either because truly wild white fish is hard to find. Most of California's streams are stocked with corn and soy fed fish, and finding ocean fish takes more searching.  There is a local business at the market I attend that rarely has broth parts but does have filets.  Snapper is the one I have been putting the most effort into getting my hands on because it is the most recommended by Sally Fallon (WAPF).  I did purchase a snapper filet and fed it to Ellie during the 10 days, and she did great with it. Unfortunately she would eat about $20 or more a day of fish using this business as a source. There is no way we can afford that.  I did some research on how wild fish is handled and packaged, and while it is not ideal to feed her fish that is not fresh, has been handled by many, and has traveled long distances, it appears to be our only cost effective option at this time.  One of the local supermarkets had wild snapper on sale, so I purchased a case.  Next step is to find whole wild fish or heads and tails to make broth. Most supermarkets don't have this as their fish arrives already fileted. We have several salmon parts in the freezer but she needs the white fish for other nutritional support.

I am very grateful for being shown this piece of her puzzle, and the search for wild ocean fish has begun. I suppose I was given an excuse to hit the beach!


  1. Yay for Snapper! I have a half gallon or so of Snapper broth in the freezer, maybe I should pull it out to thaw...

  2. Great update! God hears our prayers and sounds like Ellie is improving!
    Cindy Nevin

  3. This is the broth I STARTED Henry with. Our local whole foods store sells it whole, head, tail and all! You are right, it's not cheap! I hope it works well for you guys! Blessings!


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