Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Small, GIANT Successes

Things have been so incredibly busy and full of new progress that is has been difficult to find the time to update.  Days 3 through 7 of Team Ellie have brought some seemingly small, but in reality extremely large successes for Ellie. Some of these leaps have come after months and months of hoping and waiting.  While we have made some adjustments to her routine and treatment, there is absolutely nothing that be credited except for prayer. Prayer has done amazing things for Ellie in the last 6 days!

Some examples:

Ellie does not like to let us near her mouth.  It is usually a fight to brush her teeth and we have to do everything with the promise that we won't shove a food in there or do something unexpected.  Her teeth are not developing properly because she doesn't chew, and because of her lip tie.  She has this yellow mineral build up on her teeth that is left from the formula she was on, and some of her teeth have not come all of the way in and still have skin over the top because there is nothing pushing down on them from chewing.  She never had the opportunity to even gnaw on something because we were always taking things out of her mouth to keep her from vomiting.  This week she has decided she has 'dooty teeth' (dirty teeth) and has been letting me floss them daily! Slowly the yellow is coming off and her teeth are looking better.

This week we started Ellie back on her topical glutathione (liver enzyme) for the third time.  The first two times it appeared that it either didn't help and/or it made her eczema worse. I was concerned that after all the research I had done to find the cleanest possible base she was still not tolerating the added ingredients.  That may very well have been the case, but this time she seems to be doing great! Her eczema is clearing which means she is detoxing the right way instead of through her skin.

By the first day of Team Ellie I was getting concerned that she had a staph skin infection again.  A couple of weeks ago we let her play outside in a cheap plastic baby pool filled with unfiltered water, and the result was chemical type burns on her butt cheeks.  It was not healing and I was beginning to get worried at how it was spreading and looking like staph.  Within 24 hours I saw that the prayer had changed things dramatically, and today it is almost entirely healed. 

On another note, I celebrated earlier in the week because Ellie was showing obvious signs of detoxing (properly) for the first time in 15 months.  There are several signs, but one of them was that her urine was darker and had a new smell.  It took a couple of days to get to the bottom of it, but the truth was that her older sister was secretly peeing in Ellie's training potty and leaving it for me to dump. This resulted in a good laugh between the daddy and I (sheesh).

After some bumps in finding the right adapter we have fluoride free water, and are cleaning out the freezers of broth and meat made with fluoride - using some up while we refill the freezer, and then tossing the rest.  I am really excited to see how much of a difference this makes for her.

She had a three day streak (pun intended) of pooping without help which was awesome....but that has stopped and tomorrow we resume GAPS constipation protocols of daily enemas.  I have been so busy with my work schedule the last two days that it was not until she was in bed that I realized she had not pooped all day.  Major fail. Bummer.

And I should also add that she has a new food!....sort of.  We have started giving her fermented zucchini juice as a part of her daily probiotic support and she has done fantastic! In fact, she has shown no signs of adding it at all.

I am so grateful for those of you praying.  She has had some amazing growth and success since May 1, and it is all because of Team Elie.  I feel so blessed to see and feel the hand of God working in such an obvious way, and we have felt it within other areas of our family life as well.

Prayer requests:

I have had decided to turn in an application to the local Shriner's Hospital in hopes that their specialists can help with the lip tie and evaluation, as well as the spinal MRI. They have great resources there for the treatment she needs.  Please pray that should it be the Lord's will, her application will be reviewed quickly and they will agree to treat her.

Ellie needs a new, all natural, chemical free mattress.  The one she is sleeping on is very toxic for her.  Please pray that we will be able to save up the $400 needed for this mattress.

Next up is a new food trial! I am extremely nervous (for seizures mostly).  We have a few things to choose from.  Please pray that I know which to try next.

And I am in need of some wisdom regarding a couple of other supplements - whether to give them to her or not.  Prayers for that would be fantastic as well.

7 days!

7 days of intense prayer for Ellie has shown amazing things - things we have been working towards for months that have been realized in a matter of days.  I can't help but wonder what else God has in store!


  1. Progress is good! Happy for you. Too funny about Mariah and the potty seat!

  2. Sounds like wonderful progress:) So happy for all of you!

  3. So thrilled she is moving forward. Love hearing about God's blessing and how He's using Team Ellie!


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