Friday, November 23, 2012

Overwhelming Gratefulness

Yesterday and today I have been overcome with thankfulness for two things:

First, the amazing amount of hunters and fishermen who, for almost 2 years, have gone out of their way to supply us with food for Ellie.  From bear to ling cod, whenever our supply gets low someone shows up with an ice chest.  Some hunters have even said they had to carry their spoils for miles on their shoulder's, only to donate it all to Ellie's belly. Some have stopped to be sure that organs were saved when those parts are usually left behind, just to be sure that it met Ellie's needs.  That to me is some serious kindness.

Second, this Thanksgiving week I heard Ellie ask if she could be excused from the table.  We offered her many of the dishes on the Thanksgiving table, and watched her eat pumpkin muffins and taste pumpkin pie.  Thanks to understanding and adaptable family members, we said yes more often than we said no this holiday. Cross-contamination is no longer a cause for fear and panic in our home, and the floor gets swept because it is dirty, not because I am petrified she might touch a crumb someone has dropped.

We are picking up as a family.  We are repairing, adjusting, and healing from all things FPIES and all things fear. We are embracing our new normal much easier these days, and I am so very grateful.

Thank you to all who have been on this journey with us, and who continue to trudge along. To God be the glory-for it all.


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    1. So happy and thankful to have been able to follow your journey and be blessed by your story. Praise the Lord!


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