Saturday, November 10, 2012

WAPF- the day before

I arrived in Santa Clara yesterday and picked up Dawn from Home Food Heals at the airport.  It is so great to have a buddy to share the conference with this year.    We went to dinner with two other Dravet Syndrome families last night at a local organic restaurant called Parcel 104.  It was really yummy food, but I am certain the beans served with my roast were not soaked and sprouted, because they reminded me that I need to go on intro.

One of the Dravet families we met is also active in the GAPS Kids community, so it was exciting to meet another GAPS family.  Their daughter has made amazing progress on GAPS, but not without a lot of hard work, tears, and perseverance from her parents.  These parents deserve the most courageous, and determined parents award. They have already conquered hurdles for healing that I can not even fathom.  My heart about burst when their precious GAPS kid asked me to read her an Amelia Bedelia book, and laughed contagiously at silly parts - so incredibly precious!

It was an absolutely fantastic way to start the weekend!

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