Sunday, November 11, 2012

WAPF 2012

My overall review of this year's WAPF conference was thumbs up!  I was able to chat with those I had not seen since last year, meet new friends, make new connections, and listen to speakers such as Dr. Natasha Campbell-Mcbride, Dr. Chris Kresser, Monica Ford, Dr. Thomas Cowan, Dr. Don Huber, and others.  Unfortunately my iphone camera went on the fritz when I got there, so my Rock Star photos this year are limited.

Here is one of me and Monica Ford of Real Food Devotee.  She was a Wise 
Entrepreneur presenter, and also happens to be the sister of my local GAPS chef. (They are both Rock Stars)

A major highlight of the trip was the release of Dr. Natasha's new book - GAPS Stories.  The book contains more than 50 stories of children and adults who have been healed using the GAPS diet.  Ellie's story, as well as that of another child in the GAPS Kids community, are now in print!  The book does not appear on Dr. Natasha's website yet, but will be for sale at soon.

Since this is my second WAPF conference and we have been on GAPS for almost 2 years, I was very surprised to have taken 12 pages of notes while listening to Dr. Natasha the first day of the conference.  Here are some nuggets I can share:

*The whole body regenerates: every.single.cell (we used to think the brain didn't).  Different cells form at different rates.  New stem cells emerge from an area of the brain every day. Every 3 months we have an entirely new liver. The gut determines if these new cells are born healthy.  A sick gut means they will regenerate poorly.

*It has been known for over 70 years that 85% of our immune system is located in the gut wall.

*Our immune system is never misguided.  Our immune system responds to communication from the gut, which can provide wrong data.

*Tcells originate from the thymus.  There are lots of Tcells with different jobs, but they all are ultimately controlled by gut flora.

*The hair is a storage site for nutrition. Grey hair results when the body is nutrient deprived and pulls the nutrition from the hair.

*Decay attracks candida.  To get rid of candida you must get rid of decay.  We now know that the body will  send out signals and attract candida.

*Colic is the first alarm bell, and if the parent doesnt deal with it then far more serious conditions will come.

*We now know that people who had measles as a child do not get auto immune disease because the immune system received a proper education. This is not the case with those who receive vaccinations.

This was just the tip of the iceburg.  The conference was packed full of information and my brain is saturated!


  1. Wow!! Can you post more?

    Could you please put the words of what the acronyms stand for in parentheses at least once in your posts, so I can learn what things stand for? Thanks! I'm VERY new to this world and trying to "read between the lines" is a bit daunting. Thank you for sharing your journey with your daughter! God BLESS you!!

    1. Hi Erin! Sure :) Thanks for your feedback. Im pretty new to having my blog be read by people other than friends and family! HA! SO lets see...acronyms. GAPS is Gut And Psychology Syndrome. WAPF is the Weston A Price Foundation. Most of this post was just bits and pieces of things I picked up at the conference I attended recently. Feel free to let me know any specific questions you have or to even shoot me an email at


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