Friday, April 15, 2011

I Shopped The Black Market

Yes I did. For formula. Before we had a prescription that was approved by the insurance company. Off of craigslist because those with WIC can get it for free and resell it illegally. Yup. That's right. Welcome to our world. And before you judge me, remember that the first round of special formula that Ellie was on cost us $25 a can, and the formula she is currently prescribed and we are trying to keep her off of cost $45 a can.

While Ellie's formula is covered for the moment, many other moms are not as lucky, and their insurance (Kaiser) won't pay for the formula at all. Unless their child is hospitalized and given a feeding tube. I remember these days. Back when we first dealt with the transition and the insurance company told us that if we starved her until she was hospitalized they would pay for the formula, but that was the only way. Nice. I have other posts on here about formula back at the beginning. But another FPIES mama local to me is dealing with an outrageous monthly bill right now. She averages $800 a month. Another local mom has TWO FPIES kids on this formula and is paying out of pocket.

Please take the time to read another story here. And though I have encouraged her to put a paypal donation link on her blog, she hasn't (yet?). So if you would like to sponsor Carter's ability to eat with even a $5 donation, or by purchasing one can, let me know and I will make sure she gets it.


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