Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bok Bok

We have 14 chickens that are about 6 weeks old. They are currently on a soy free and corn free feed, and I am occasionally feeding them grain free feed that I have created. Within the next couple weeks I hope to have them grain free. The goal is to get some laying hens for grain free eggs. My thought today: if we have gone through all of this and she can not have eggs I will certainly kick something.

We have a freezer full of soy and corn free chickens, and tried the first one out this week. After one day of just the broth and no meat, Ellie stopped pooping. Is it the grain they were fed? Is she just having a hard time with a new meat? is it....? Here is where my brain is stretched. Here is where FPIES 'pull the food' clashes with GAPS. Do we push through? Do we stop? Is she having an IgE or IgA allergic response? Is it only intolerance that can be pushed through? Is it the grain? The never ending guessing game.

Ellie has been on the same few foods for several months now. She gets approximately 8 to 9 cups of food a day. In that giant half gallon jar I mix 2 to 3 cups of meat puree, 1-2 cups skinned and boiled zucchini puree, and the rest bone broth. In addition to that she gets 1 scoop of Gut Pro probiotic, 1/2 teaspoon fermented cabbage juice, and 1/8 teaspoon of nystatin powder mixed in to her bottles daily. We also include liver. We have spent an incredible amount of time ( a couple months) trying to get raw egg yolk into her diet without success. It is time to try some new things.

The constipation from the chicken is giving me the impression that the egg yolk will be a hang up, too. Other moms have said they had to start with one drop of egg yolk a day in order to build up the tolerance slowly.

I think we are going to change our plan of action. Instead of continuing to trial one thing at a time for several days, and attempt to build up egg, for example, we will add a very small amount of something, and the move on to something else. She has eaten a few things on 'accident', like a raisin last week, without large response at all. This shows healing has been taking place, so time to start over. Back to the beginning to take a look at some of the things she had a hard time with before. Healing takes time, and clearly Ellie will need lots of just that. But I am hopeful! Another FPIES mom and friend has progressed her twins at an amazing pace with GAPS, and I am hopeful for Ellie. One main difference - her twins do not have a corn intolerance. If you would like to hear their amazing story you can read here: An Advocates Tale

So for now, we try to push through the chicken constipation by increasing the probiotic and fermented cabbage juice, and then choosing a new vegetable to try. Here we go!

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