Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More Patience

Stuck. Again. OK not really stuck. The fact is, we are making progress towards healing, but the majority of the time it just.does.not.FEEL like we are making any progress. The last few months have gone something like this:

give her egg
take away egg
give her egg
take away egg
uh oh, is it the beef? nope not the beef.
try egg again.
take away egg.
try egg.
take away egg.

WHAT in the WORLD?! Healing. Healing.....takes.....TIME. No magic pill. No fast fix. Individual bodies, individual systems, and individual little intestinal villi that need to regrow at their own individual pace. *SIGH*

The issue of egg continues to be one that is unclear. Is it what the chickens were fed? Or just egg? For a couple months now we are holding firm in the same place:
bottles with 1 ounce zucchini, 2 ounces meat, and 5 ounces of bone broth
fermented cabbage juice

She still doesn't chew or swallow. She is learning to take her broth from a straw. Egg has continued to be a puzzle. So what next? We have to keep moving forward. But not too fast, because healing can't be rushed. Do you see my continual balancing act?

We are nearing the 6 months mark of Ellie being on nystatin powder, and will have to wean her off soon. We no longer have a good source of corn and soy free eggs, and no sources that are grain free. We no longer have wild game in the freezer supplying a variety of meat nutrition, and are making a small rotation through beef, pork and lamb.

So we decided to test her healing progress by giving her zucchini with the skin ON. Yup. Up until now we have given her peeled zucchini to remove the extra fiber which might be too tough on her intestines that are focusing hard on healing.

The verdict? Confusing at first. We had too many other factors and it took a little while to work itself out.


Small steps. Baby steps. Signs of healing. This is huge. And I just have to keep reminding myself that.

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  1. Woohoo for skin! We just left the skin on and seeds in for the 1st time today...not sure yet...but hopeful!

    Oh eggs...This has been hard too. We have a pass on egg yolk, but when I tried the white we had a pretty classic reaction. At first I confused the fever with illness, but it spiked up and then down just like FPIES. So...raisins, spinach, egg white???

    The balancing act continues.
    Praying for you!!!


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