Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Dream of Being a GAPS Groupie

Its been awhile since I posted about our current needs with Ellie. We are financially stretched to put it mildly, but God continues to provide as we go along. I figured it may be time for me to throw out another post about what our current situation looks like.

On a weekly basis Ellie eats/uses approximately:

1. 10 pounds of grass fed bones
2. 7 pounds of grass fed organic meat
3. 7 pounds of zucchini

This is a conservative estimate, and cost varies depending on the type of meat we buy. While beef can cost us between $5 and $9 per pound, lamb usually begins at $9 per pound and goes to about $12 per pound. Total we spend between $100 and $150 per week on Ellie's food.

In addition to Ellie's food needs, I discovered an opportunity after the application deadline for scholarships. Dr. Natasha (GAPS) is an active member of the Weston A Price Foundation, and will be speaking at their annual conference in November in Dallas, TX. In addition to being an auditory learner, and having had a severely steep learning curves in the last six months, this conference looks like a incredible one-stop-shop for getting me over the hump and into the land of the science of real food. We have been 'stuck' with Ellie for awhile, and the pressure is on me to figure out what food next or how to trudge my way through GAPS. This conference would meet several needs in our home and for Ellie: I would be given the opportunity to listen to hours of Dr Natasha providing education on GAPS protocols, there would be multiple classes on cooking real food and those hard to figure out items such as ferments and making ghee, and there is a full day presentation on poultry farming and raising them without commercial feed!

For obvious reasons this expense is hard to cover. The conference is $440, the chicken workshop is $85, airfare would be about $250, and then there is the cost of the hotel.

Can you join me in prayer that I can save for these expenses? Perhaps someone knows of a secret coupon code for airfare, or a house that needs 'sitting' in Dallas? Maybe there are scholarship funds remaining in spite of the deadline being passed? Who knows. Maybe. Maybe not. But it certainly doesn't hurt to ask for more prayer. After all, it was only a few short months ago I had no idea I would be led down the path of GAPS, and now I can't wait to be a groupie!


  1. I'm just getting caught up on the last couple weeks of blogs! I will absolutely be praying for a way for you to go to this conference! Sounds like it would be amazing for you and Ellie!
    Oh, and yay for hearts and livers!!!!

  2. THANK YOU! I got word today that I am on a waiting list for a scholarship. BUMMER!


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