Saturday, October 1, 2011

More Chicken. More veggies.

After much prayer, thinking, discussing, polling other mamas, etc. I have decided that the largest problem with the chicken broth was a lack of fat. I re-read the GAPS chapter on constipation, and decided to increase Ellie's probiotic dosage as well as her daily amount of fermented cabbage juice. She had one day of noticeable adjustment and die off and that was it. This pleased me greatly!

This week I plan to make a new batch of chicken broth and we are going to go for round two. This time I will also add in some additional beef or pig lard to help with digestion and keeping things moving through. In fact, since the chickens we have are smaller and leaner, I may make half beef and half chicken blends just to be sure.

The other topic of discussion is what vegetable to try next. As the summer comes to a close, the zucchini prices start to sky rocket and our freezer is full. We have not been able to find an additional used freezer that we can afford, so the pressure is on to find something to replace the zucchini.

This makes me incredibly nervous considering she has not tolerated cauliflower, garlic, onion, carrot or yellow squash (while on GAPS). I have been considering a couple of reasons this may be. One thought is that I am giving her body large amounts of one vegetable instead of rotating through more than one. If it is important to rotate meats through for optimal healing, perhaps that is the same for vegetables. The other thought is that due to her non-existent digestive enzymes she is not getting 'over the hump' for healing and not tolerating any other vegetable. I am considering starting her on an HCl supplement to see if that helps.

I will be doing more re-reading and researching on enzymes and HCl this week, as well as spending more time on my knees asking for direction. We have gotten too comfortable around here with our zucchini. Time for something new!

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