Thursday, October 13, 2011

Who Would Have Thought

This afternoon I received an email from the Weston A Price Foundation conference scholarship office saying that a rare opportunity had come up. If I worked as a volunteer at one of the booths, I could go to the conference with meals included, and also receive a full set of conference recordings! Seriously?! Who would have thought!

The volunteer job would require me to work the majority of the conference and arrange to see a few sessions when not busy. There would be no guarantees of which sessions I could attend or how many, but I would be done in time for all evening activities and free to attend the poultry course I really want to attend on Monday after the conference ends. I also figure that since one of the conference days Dr. Natasha is speaking all day long, surely I will be able to sit in on at least ONE!

This is an amazing opportunity to go get my feet wet in a lot of areas. I am confident that since God plopped this in my lap I will be able to attend the sessions that I most need. And a friend has a friend that I will hopefully be able to bunk with to avoid hotel fees. Hooray!

At this point that leaves only three hurdles: airfare, transportation expense, and the fee to attend the poultry workshop. I'm half way there!


  1. How cool!! I want to go next year!

  2. That's sooooo exciting! I'm so happy for you and will continue to pray that the rest of the funds come in so you can go!


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