Saturday, October 29, 2011

For the Love of Liver

We were on a liver shortage for a few months. I stopped giving it to her because I couldn't find it at all of my usual sources. I could have probably found it if I had extended my search out, but honestly it never occurred to me. I didn't have the time, and I didn't realize it's importance until it because obvious.

What is the importance of liver, you ask? Liver provides Ellie with vitamin C, vitamin B, iron, zinc, folate, and an entire list of brain-development-needed nutrients. Yea. For several weeks I just blew this off.

Until she started saying 'owie' and shoving her finger in her mouth. What did I find? A mouth full of sores! She has never had canker sores of this kind in her mouth. And I didnt have to re-do the research I have done in the past to know that those are often triggered from a lack of vitamin B and vitamin C. C-R-A-P. Another mommy fail.

I made our need for liver known and was blessed a thousand times over. We now have a freezer full of beef and deer liver and hearts! We added the liver back in and I waited to test my theory. It took two days for her to stop poking at her mouth, and by the third day I could see no more sores. She is sleeping better, too. Thank goodness for liver!

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  1. WOW! I so wish Dr. N was our primary doc..huh!?

    Good Job Mamma - you know now and it is corrected. I wonder if this is why I get these things all the time. I know Lyme messes with most nutrients!



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