Friday, November 4, 2011

Three Steps Forward, One Step....

Some time ago Ellie stopped even wanting to be at the table with us at mealtime. If she couldn't sit on my lap and feed me, she wasn't interested and it became a battle. Earlier this week during dinnertime frustration, I shouted at Daddy to go get the wooden highchair from the garage - the unused wooden highchair that I spent HOURS shopping for before we knew we had a kid who would never use it.

At one point I purchased a Stokke chair off of craigslist in order to get her at the table with the rest of us. This worked. For awhile. She uses it to color and participate...unless it involves food.

In came the wooden highchair, and she was more than obliged to take a seat. In fact, she has started wanting to sit there for breakfast as well. She has yet to actually eat anything, but spends the entire time chatting and playing with whatever is on her tray (usually stabbing it with a fork and moving it into the cupholder), but it is progress.

I'm very grateful I had never gotten around to listing the highchair on craigslist. NOW it might get some use!

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