Friday, November 11, 2011

Real Food in Dallas

Leaving all of the broth making duties to daddy, I have headed to Dallas for the annual Weston A Price Foundation conference.  Quick summary:  today was day one, and what an amazing day!  I am volunteering at Sally Fallon's New Trends Publishing booth which has been amazingly fun.  When not busy I can take turns with the WAPF staff member in charge of the booth and attend sessions.

Dr. Natasha taught three sessions today - a full day of GAPS.  I was not able to attend until the last session, which was fine, until I had someone sitting by me at dinner exclaimed 'what was that you said your daughter has? weren't in the second session? Dr. Natasha had that on her overhead and said has anyone heard of this?  No one raised their hand, and she said that was because it was extremely rare.'  Of course this neighborly woman could have been mistaken, but I would love to get a minute or two to ask Dr. Natasha tomorrow.  Darn it! I would have been waving my arm and jumping up and down! 

I DID get a chance to meet Dr. NCM briefly as her protective husband was requesting she stop answering questions and attempting to drag her away.  She was exhausted and had been up 24 hours straight, and he was being a chivalrous hubby. Seeing her in person only solidified what I had already pieced together about the woman who responded personally to emails from desperate mothers half way across the globe; she is passionate about what she does and the kids involved.  She looked every person in the eye and listened with intent to their questions and stories, often responding to their 'thank you' with 'no, it is completely my pleasure'.  She appeared to cry with everyone, and the offered amazing suggestions for healing and hope.  Truly a brilliant woman.  I was able to shake her hand and choke out a thank you, handing her a card I had brought with me.  And I got a picture with her as well, which I fully intend on putting in Ellie's baby book.  (WAPF conference observation = no one knows how to work an iphone camera)

Here are some highlights from the third session I was able to attend:

- supplements should be a minimum; diet is the treatment
- iodine deficiency is common
- conditions such as reflux do not necessarily need a digestive enzyme supplement. often fermented cabbage can be enough.
- GAPS detoxes the body naturally, and for many there is no need for chelation or detox programs.  Following the program detoxes.
- All immune system diseases have the same root, just different antigens attacking different things. (ie. food intolerance, rheumatoid arthritis, etc)

and some of my Dr. NCM favorites:
-"We are all different; there is no one size fits doctor or scientist in the world can prescribe a rigid menu for you. You must know your body." 
-regarding severe food allergies and intolerances the "digestive system is like a seive". 
-"I havent seen a patient that needs grains."
-"I learn the best from my patients.  Its my patients who teach me."

So much more, but so time for bed!  

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  1. WoW! This is so exciting! It HAS to be FPIES she is talking about - she's been inundated with requests for help with it ; ) Wow ... that is all I can say!



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