Monday, November 21, 2011

And So It Begins

No, how about a meatball?
No, I am sorry. How about a meatball?
'RAAAAAAAA-ZZZZIIIIIN!' followed by heartbroken tears.

And so it has begun. I have allowed Ellie to nibble on a few raisins over the last few days. She sucks on them, chews a tiny bit and spits the rest out. She has probably had four in the course of 48 hours, and that little bit of sugar has set her eczema to scratch status once more.


How do I get her to actually eat the foods that are safe, and stop begging for the ones that are not?? She sits in the highchair at dinner and moves around the foods we eat, and violently protests anyone feeding her. It's so tempting to force feed her. Though I am not sure what that would accomplish. Just telling her no and listening to her beg is crushing.

This week is 'Thanksgiving Vacation'. I am using it to rearrange the family schedule once more, in an attempt to get time in to feed her all three meals. The amount of time it takes to get her at the table, sit with her so she doesn't beg to get down, and try to coerce her into eating, is amazing. Combine that with cooking real food, and all the other regular mommy and professional educator duties, and I am not sure where sleep will ever fit in. Holy moly.

On to poll other FPIES-GAPS mamas on how they are making their schedules work. Here's hoping for help!

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