Monday, November 14, 2011

Headed Home

As I sat in the final session of the 2011 WAPF conference yesterday late afternoon, I began to cry. I didnt want to.  But it was one of those in-your-throat-and-it-hurts-trying-so-hard-not-to sort of cries.  Perhaps it was the other moms that were crying. Or perhaps it was the cumulation of a very long three days stretching my brain and my heart with new information.  Whatever it was, I felt it in my heart more than my head.

I attended the session on vaccination information because I felt uneducated on the topic.  The session began, and all I heard was this:  MSG, antifreeze, formaldehyde, aluminum, glycerin, lead, acetone, streptomycin, mercury, monkey kidney, dog kidney, chick embryo, aborted fetal tissue, pig blood, horse blood, sheep blood, rabbit brain, guinea pig, cow heart, animal viruses....and I began to cry.

This session jolted me towards one reality:  I fully vaccinated my six year old.  I consented to those ingredients being injected into her body, and right that moment the mommy guilt was too much.  But as I listened to April Renee of the Vaccination Information Coalition, I heard her say something that jolted me back to the first email I received from Dr. Natasha - but there are things you can do to cleanse the body; there is hope.  HOPE.

This was the incredible theme I continued to find throughout the entire conference. While delivering earth shattering and worldview altering information, every.single.speaker...offered a hope within their message.  Be it instruction on how to support fair legislature, how to take control of your own health, how to detox your childs body from heavy metals, or how to find a support system, there was always something there to light the tunnel you suddenly found yourself in.  There was not gloom and doom, only education and encouragement. 

I went to the WAPF conference largely intending on learning more to help Ellie; instead I received information that applies to us all.  As I leave Dallas and head home in the morning I am convinced of one thing:  FPIES is no longer about one sick little girl.  FPIES saved my family.


  1. Now we are all crying with you! Thank you for sharing this beautiful perspective!

  2. I've often had similar thoughts. Then I think really, this is what it took for me to make my family healthy?! But yes, this is what it took quite frankly. I needed a huge wake-up call.

  3. I often feel this way about Blake's celiac disease...if I hadn't known what to look for in my kiddos...I just have no idea where we would be now...his autoimmune disease helped us save our children.

  4. wow...tears with your last line. this is so true.
    Can't wait to chat!


  5. I so want to go next year, and cry with you!! Yes...... FPIES is life changing in a lot of good ways :)


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