Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bye-bye Modesty, Hello Gut Healing

Are you ready to get naked for healing?  It's time to bare those mid-drifts.  What I learned tonight makes those 1960's nudist colonies appear useful.  Ironically this tidbit of information came delivered by Dr. Mercola tonight at the WAPF conference awards banquet, but actually originated with Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride (who I have now been referring to as the conference Rockstar.  That woman is impossible to catch and talk to). 

Dr. Mercola was sharing what he learned from Dr. N about vitamin D and provided this tidbit:  get the sun on your belly!  Sun rays on the stomach penetrate the skin and into the gut where it kills candida, fungus, and improves digestion.  Are you as incredibly amazed as I am?

Get those GAPS bellies out into the sun and let them soak up some rays of healing. FPIES gone bikini....after Winter!

Other sun tips from Dr. Mercola:
- daily doses of sun on your toes cures toenail fungus without medication in 3-6 months
- daily doses of sun on your armpits kills odor causing bacteria, meaning no soap, no deodorant, no smell.


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