Monday, November 21, 2011

Dallas, GAPS kids, and Community

November 10 I temporarily left my FPIES broth making duties at home, and headed to Dallas for the WAPF conference. I was thrilled at the idea of learning anything that I could bring back and share with other FPIES-GAPS mamas. I was especially anxious to get into a session with Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, and gather more information as it directly related to severe food allergy.

During Dr. Natasha's third session, she concluded with a Q & A portion. I sat and listened, and another mama came to the microphone. As she began I made a realization: there is an entire community of families out there walking the same path with a different diagnosis.

This mama was amazing. She shared a quick version of her daughter's story, and how she suffered from a rare epileptic condition that included a bleak prognosis. This mama had gone incredibly far outside of the box, and started her daughter on GAPS. The result - she was defying ALL odds, and getting BETTER. As this mom shared and then asked her question, she began to waver with emotion, fighting the urge to cry. Her daughter was seizing in the morning before waking up, perhaps due to hypoglycemia. As this mom choked out 'and I just keep thinking I am missing something...' I found myself tearing up as well. THIS mama wore the same shoes. She walked the same walk. She knew what it was like to make that brave leap and walk away from the comfort of the social norm. She asked the same questions.

And as Dr. Natasha answered her, I realized how the same questions and the same answers applied to FPIES.

If I saw her again, I would give her my card with information on GAPSkids, even though it did not visibly appear as a support system for her...yet. Dear Jesus. This mama must know she is not alone. And what amazing experience she could offer!

GAPS kids was originally designed for families of severe food allergies and feeding difficulties who are on the journey to healing with real food and GAPS. What I realized in Dallas is that this journey... of healing a child...outside of the box, regardless of the diagnosis, a petrifying and alone place to be.

If you are a parent navigating GAPS healing protocols and in need of a community, especially in the face of a severe or rare diagnosis, please consider joining us. GAPSkids forum

If you would like to hear more about Kennedy and her amazing path toward healing, and her very brave parents, watch here:

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