Friday, October 7, 2011

Flash Back to Vomit

The same night I finished the post about my pity party Ellie began throwing up. She threw up all night, and is now on day two of not eating. It could be one of three things:
- We were exposed to the flu the day before. No one else is sick and that would make for one truly short incubation period.
- It was the pork she was eating. We made a giant pot of pork broth that was extremely fatty. Fat is what helps aid in digestion but there was one time before where Ellie had a throw-up-capade and it included too much beef fat. Pork also happens to be the only meat Ellie usually self-limits, which has always been a bit odd to me. So the possibility that there was too much fat, or too much pork, or a build reaction, or who-knows-what is there.
- We were giving her a new squash. She was on day three of trying a flat, round, scalloped summer squash called pattypan. It was white, skinned, and boiled like the zucchini. I figured of all squash for her to pass this one had a good chance. But perhaps not. She had already started to have a diaper rash and some other problems. I attributed it to adjustment to a new food.

She has not thrown up since yesterday morning, or after we switched her back to beef broth, beef meat, and zucchini. She is still not eating and I am watching for dehydration.

We have not had a vomit-ous episode to this extreme like this since prior to GAPS. All adjustments and trials of new foods have been lower GI and poo related. I had forgotten the pleasure of screaming baby and all of the laundry that results from so much throwing up. We were getting ready to do a second run of chicken broth, and now we have pattypan squash and pork to re-test. I am beginning to wonder if we will ever get to chicken!

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